S.P. Miller Ed Foster Eileen Tabios Harriet Zinnes

Stephen Paul Miller:
The Bee Flies in May

“Miller retrieves history from unspeakable despair, as he perceives it, in disorder.... This collection shows how Miller has kept many worlds active.” —Sidereality

Edward Foster:
Mahrem: Things Men Should Do For Men. A Suite for O

“Simultaneously erudite, puzzling, evasive, and revelatory... a fascinating examination of the self as nullity, as absence, as ‘agent of its own instability.’” —Alsop Review

Eileen R. Tabios:
Reproductions of the Empty Flagpole

Reproductions of the Empty Flagpole is full of lovely, surprising conjunctions: the sound of fireflies mating, the thin sliver of a distant moon, ... no premonition for such blinding light.”—Arthur Sze

Harriet Zinnes:
Drawing On the Wall

“Exclamatory, questioning, descriptive, Harriet Zinnes’ line is one of unusual grace and lucidity.” —Randolph Healy

Thomas Fink Jane Augustine Sandy McIntosh Burt Kimmelman

Thomas Fink:
GOSSIP: A Book of Poems

“Thomas Fink’s astonishing,
subtle poems will delight readers and teach them about rich layers of thinking and storytelling. Fink is writing delightful, important poems.” —Joseph Lease

Jane Augustine:
Arbor Vitae

“Wherever Jane Augustine is—at home or away, webbed in family or mobbed in city...her true subject is consciousness: how it is, what it is, what it is of. Her words move and touch lightly where ‘Art is a skewed composure/ of what isn’t yet mastered.’”—Susan Tichy

Sandy McIntosh:
Between Earth and Sky

“Like the best [American] surrealists, McIntosh realizes that the best humor is found in a tight embrace with our coming to terms with our mortality, and it’s in these black zones where we need to go.”—Steven J. Stewart, Sidereality

Burt Kimmelman & Fred Caruso:
The Pond At Cape May Point

“The poetry of Kimmelman is precise and compact .... Caruso’s images of pond life, mostly scenic, [provide] a visual accompaniment to the lines.”—Denise Bazzett, New Pages.com: Alternatives in Print and Media