Dear Hero, by Jason McCall

It’s hard to speak about my experience in past tense because I am still benefiting from the effort and advice I received from the editors at Marsh Hawk Press during the process of publishing Dear Hero,. At every stage of the process, the editors gave new energy and perspectives to my book. From line edits to poem organization to design, every conversation allowed me to view my work in a fresh light. The biggest prize I received from the press was not the monetary prize or the ability to call myself a contest winner; the biggest prize was being allowed to join a family of artists and editors who truly wanted to see my work reach its fullest potential.



Miniatures, by Meredith Cole

"Publishing with Marsh Hawk Press was a wonderful experience. I had given birth five weeks prior to hearing that I was the prizewinner for 2011. Needless to say, I had my hands full with caring for an infant; working fulltime as a 4th grade teacher; and getting my book ready for publication. Sandy McIntosh was beyond helpful—kind, generous and organized—throughout the process. He understood my busy schedule and worked with me to create the amazing final product. His wife even gave my manuscript a final sweep—thank you, Barbara! Steve Fellner, my editor, gave me the advice—and most importantly—the boost of confidence I needed. Claudia Carlson, the graphic designer, has a beautiful spirit and heart. She volunteers her time and still works overtime to create the beautiful book you’ve envisioned. I never thought my book would be published. After entering contests off and on for years, I felt like it was the equivalent to winning the lottery. The Marsh Hawk Poetry Prize is a completely fair and transparent contest—one that you can feel confident entering. Thank you for helping make my dream of publication come true!"Meredith Cole



Eminent Domain, by Justin Petropoulos

"Working with Marsh Hawk Press was a stellar experience. Everyone was so generous with their time and energy; I felt at home right away. When Sandy McIntosh, Marsh Hawk’s publisher, told me that I won the Marsh Hawk Press Poetry Prize it was very early in the morning and I was barely awake. I couldn’t believe it. I think my response was, you’re kidding right? And then Sandy, very calmly said, I don’t get up this early to make jokes. I laughed. From that moment I knew that my book was in good hands. It was the perfect way to begin a relationship with this amazing press. I’d like to thank Tom Fink, my editor, for his meticulous reading and care he took with each word, as well as Claudia Carlson for her gorgeous book design. I couldn’t be happier that my first book found a home at Marsh Hawk Press."—Justin Petropoulos



Almost Dorothy, by Neil de la Flor

"I heart Marsh Hawk Press. The press and its amazing staff were warm, loving, and conscious of the art of poetry. I felt at home and trusted them with my child, Almost Dorothy. They work with you, not against you, on all aspects of putting the book together. I thank Sandy McIntosh, Marsh Hawk's amazing publisher, and Claudia Carlson, the fabulous creative force behind the book design, for making my book come alive. "Neil de la Flor



In Ways Impossible to Fold, by Michael Rerick

"My experience with Marsh Hawk Press has been wonderful, from being shocked to hear I was a contest winner, to being incredibly pleased with the quality of the finished book. Everyone worked with my ideas and gave invaluable input. I’m proud to have my first full-length collection out with such a supportive and excited/exciting press!."—Michael Rerick



Either She Was, by Karin Randolph

"Only a winner can say with any certainty that a contest was truly fair.  The Marsh Hawk Press Poetry Prize was in fact open and blind.  The press was entirely professional throughout the process to the published book.  My editor, Tom Fink, was both accessible and warm and a pleasure to work with.  My thanks to Marsh Hawk."—Karin Randolph



Blind Date With Cavafy, by Steve Fellner

"I had been trying to get my book of poems out for eight years. I gave up a number of times during the process. Everyone hears stories about how contests are fixed or rigged or you can only win if you have the right connections. When Marsh Hawk contacted me that I had won, I couldn't believe it. I felt vindicated that you could win a contest without having any connections—without knowing the judge or any of the people associated with the press—that there were places out there that read them blindly and made good on their word. I cannot believe how great my experience was with Marsh Hawk Press. They responded to any email right away. They were open to all of my suggestions. The cover designer did a brilliant job, and was more than willing to take any of my suggestions, which of course, was a moot point—she created something spectacular immediately. When your first book is being created, you want to know that someone cares. Marsh Hawk Press made me feel my book was loved with their abundance of thoughtful attention. I could not have asked for a better experience." —Steve Fellner




Under the Wanderer's Star, by Sigman Byrd

"From start to finish, the folks at Marsh Hawk did a wonderful job of communicating and putting together my book. The process was efficient, and the finished product was a dream come true. My heart-felt thanks to everyone involved." —Sigman Byrd



Watermark, by Jacquelyn Pope

"I really appreciate the efforts of everyone at Marsh Hawk in getting the book out. Because I know a number of people who have had frustrating and disappointing experiences with publishers, I realize that my very positive experience is not something to be taken for granted. I’m very pleased to be published by Marsh Hawk Press—thanks again!" —Jacquelyn Pope